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About Niles Insurance

Niles Insurance Agency was founded in Yonkers by Harrison W. Niles, on September 1, 1932. From our beginning in Yonkers we have enjoyed steady growth over the years and have become recognized as one of the leading agencies in the area. We have earned our reputation for professionalism due to the special attention given to the needs and requirements of our clients.


The Niles Agency is a professional organization dedicated to providing the best insurance products available to its clients at the most reasonable costs. We serve several thousand clients in the Metropolitan area along with many corporate clients with locations around the world. We specialize in providing personal and commercial lines of property and casualty insurance, group health coverage and individual life insurance. By providing outstanding service and assistance to our customers, we have established a base of customer referrals as a major source of business. Our insurance companies also recognize that we perform for them beyond just selling insurance. This reputation has distinguished our agency as a top performer with our clients and companies.

In the past five years, the Niles Agency has twice been awarded the distinction of "Agency of the Year" by the Travelers Insurance Companies.

The Story Behind Our Toy Cars..


My first memory of playing with toys, was playing in a sandbox with little cars. These cars were manufactured by Tootsietoy, and I had many of them. Years later, when I joined my Dad in the insurance agency, I found that he had “borrowed” a few of these old toys and kept them in his desk to use in demonstrations of auto accidents. I felt nostalgic seeing my old cars from the 50’s and decided to collect more of them. I went a little overboard, and now have over 400 of them all manufactured by Tootsietoy - displayed in my office. It’s been fun collecting them, and I’m glad I didn’t decide to collect toys that were any bigger than the 4” cars! My collection dates back to 1911. The latest one is from the 60’s. 






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